We offer collars made to your custom design but you may find just what you're looking for in our Keeper's Favorites collection of collars.  Keeper's Favorites are available in a wide variety of designs and in all of our styles plus they cost a little less and can be returned for a refund (If returned undamaged within 30 days of receiving the collar.)

We love to make collars specially designed by our customers but because they are unique to that customer, we cannot accept returns of custom collars for a refund.  All of our collars, whether custom designed or from the Keeper's Favorites collection, are covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

With all of our webbing, ribbon and lining options, there are literally thousands of combinations possible.  How to keep it all straight?  Well, we've come up with a way to order that can help make sense out of all this chaos.

When you order, you will first need to select what size collar you need.   


On the Sizing page are the instructions and some photos for measuring your dog for his custom made collar.  Now that you know what size you need, go on to select what type of collar you want.


Make your collar type selection.  You can choose from Keeper Collars® with prongs or Keeper Flat Collars for every day and obedience ring use.  Our Keeper Flat Collars come in buckle and martingale types.


Leather lined Bling Collars.jpg

Now that you've chosen your style, you'll need to select the options.  There are gallery pages that show images of all of our Webbing, Leather and Ribbons.


First, if you've chosen an item that features leather, you'll need to select what color leather you would like.  Remember that this selection only applies to the collars that use leather! 

Please note that the leather will make the collar wider than the webbing width.

The leather lining has several advantages:

  1. It protects the dog’s coat from wear due to the nylon webbing.

  2. Protects the structural core of the collar (the nylon webbing) from wearing out.

  3. It protects the wider ribbon edges from wearing.

  4. The width that the leather adds to the collar helps to conceal the prongs.

  5. It just looks good!


You'll find the link to the the leather gallery in the navigation section on the top of each page or click here.


Suede Leather 3-30-13.JPG



For all collars and leashes you'll need to select the webbing.  The webbing is the structural strength of the collar and it's also a part of the overall look because it comes in so many colors and patterns. the collars are listed in order of the webbing widths that they are based on , this is not going to be the final width of your collar if you are going with our more durable leather lined collars ..

You can find the link to the webbing gallery in the navigation section at the top of each page or click here.


Finally, you may want to add a ribbon accent.  Ribbons are available on all of our collars and we have a lot to choose from including a bright, reflective ribbon for added night time safety.  Remember that you don't HAVE to have a ribbon but you certainly can. 

There is a link to the ribbon gallery in the navigation section at the top of each page or click here.

Ribbons 5 3-30-13.JPG

Once you have browsed through all the options, you are ready to order.

Go to the page for the collar or leash that you want to order, choose the size, prong size (if applicable) and then click "Add to Cart". 

When you click on "Add to Cart" a menu will pop up where you can make the selections for webbing, leather and ribbon.  You will be able to change those selections in your cart before you place the order.

Remember that we LOVE photos of our customers and their dogs wearing their new Keeper Collar or lead.  Send us a photo and we'll add it to the Keeper Club page.