Here is where we share some feedback that we've gotten from some of our customers.  All feedback is used with permission of the customer and none were solicited.

Sue did a great job all around. Her genuine passion for what she does really shows! Very fortunate to have found keeper collars!
— Matt B.

Today we received our beautifully crafted Keeper Collars Hidden Prong Collar. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing!!

We have a 3-year old, 95 pound, neutered Pit Bull that is leash aggressive towards other dogs. For the past two years since we adopted him, we would change directions whenever we came across other people with dogs; which isn’t always possible if you encounter multiple people walking their dogs.

Today, we put on his Keeper Collar and he was the perfect gentleman on leash. We even encountered another neighbor walking their little dog and just a slight correction was needed to defuse the lunging and pulling. What a difference!!

Thank you, Keeper Collars for making such a beautiful and wonderful training tool!!
— Lori B.
I wanted to thank you for making the collar for our Weimaraner. At 7 month of age he has been trained not to pull on his lead. However, from time-to-time he still pulls. Upon first wearing of your collar his pulling stopped completely. He focused more on walking by my side and seemingly enjoyed his walk much more.

You can be sure that you not only make a great product, but you make peoples and their dogs lives better.
— Mike
I received my order of two collars today, this is my second time ordering from you, and they do not disappoint. They are beautiful, fit perfectly and look great on my Malinois girls.
— Shannen F.
What a pleasure to meet you and your product. So impressive to be able to custom design and size our dogs’ collars. Thank you!
— No Name Given
Very knowledgeable & great customer service! Love Vegas too!
— No Name Given
I was extremely impressed with Sue’s knowledge in fitting the collar to the dog as well as correcting the dog. I will be recommending these collars to my friends and colleagues.
— Susan W.
My collar arrived today and it’s awesome!. The workmanship is excellent as well as the materials. It is so much easier to put on and less bulky than the original prong collar I was using. What a wonderful product!
— Janet S.
Yesterday I received my Keeper Collar for my Black Russian Terrier and I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous! And, it is made well! Today I’m going to order another one for my Bouvier so her sister doesn’t get all the attention! LOL

Great work and really nice quality.
— Lori D.
I wanted to share one of the reasons Kai has a keeper collar. He was wearing a reg prong collar and I knew he would be excited when we arrived at our training lesson so I left it on him in the crate. He went crazy when he realized where we were. I opened the crate door slightly to put his leash on and he bolted out. The prong collar somehow flipped and scraped across my chest, punctured and scraped my arm as I tried to stop him. I was ok but it could of been a lot worse. This can’t happen with a keeper collar. Plus it’s beautiful.
— Karen M.
I received my collar a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it! You do a really great job making them and unless you are looking closely you can’t tell it’s a prong. My dog is very outgoing and friendly with people but other dogs not so much. At 190 lbs. when he got the jump on me he was impossible to stop. I hated having a regular prong on him and people thinking he was aggressive. I will be showing and recommending your collars to my other Mastiff friends. Thanks so much!
— Karen
I was recently at the Cambridge dog show and was captivated by your collars. They are absolutely stunning, and I couldn’t help but buy a matching set for my great danes. They are gorgeous, so very well made, and reasonably priced. My girls and I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful collars, and I hope to buy a few more in the near future.
— Kelsey J.
“High quality, beautiful collars! Excellent service!”
— Michael H.
I have been out of commission since September due to shoulder replacement. will be out for close to a year but still wanted to give testimony about your collars. I think at last count I have at least 6 possibly 7 collars. 1 keeper and the rest vegas and also a leash. LOVE LOVE them all.
— Betsy H.
Love it! Beautiful, functional & my St. Poodle likes it, too! Thank you!!
— Lynn M.
These collars are awesome! High quality and well made - love ours!
— Cindy S.N.
Just received the hidden prong collar yesterday, it is both beautiful and functional. We walk all 4 of our Dobermans together and usually use prong collars as well as a nylon buckle attaching the lead to both for safety as the prongs sometimes come apart. I have always suspected that although safer, the nylon collar defers some of the pressure from the prong allowing more pulling thus stress to the neck. Plus it just looks bulky and probably makes people think our kids are unruly, which they are not unless there is a squirrel in the vicinity! Used the new one with my sweet Tess and what a difference! No pulling at all. So, I just placed an order for 3 more so they will all look and feel fabulous. Thanks for a great product!
— Diane S.
Really like the 1/2 custom keeper I purchased today. I will be contacting you to order another. I will be inquiring about the leather braided leads also.
— Tara C.
Just received my new Keeper Collar™ and I am impressed! Quality workmanship, shipped quickly and I love it. I have been training dogs for 40 years and have hoped for a collar like this since my neck and shoulders make it hard to work my 75lb GSD!
— Wagging Ways Dog Development
Sue makes great collars and leashes. She uses quality materials and the craftsmanship is wonderful. I highly recommend her products.
— No Name Given
Very knowledgeable & great customer service! Love Vegas too!
— No Name Given
Both times I ordered from them very helpful . Walked me through the process and helped with decisions I had a hard time making. Will definitely order from them again.
— No Name Given
Customer Service, Selection, Wait Time, Quality, Environment. These are the most pleasant people in retail!
— No Name Given
Environment, Selection, Other, Wait Time, Customer Service, Quality. A joy to deal with.
— No Name Given
Environment, Selection, Wait Time, Customer Service, Quality. It was fun... and love the selection
— No Name Given